Toll Plazas on Highways: A New Era of Accessibility


In a significant move towards enhancing road travel convenience, the Indian government has announced the closure of toll plazas within a specific radius on national highways. Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, recently declared that there should be no toll plaza within 60 km on these highways. Let’s delve into the details of this transformative decision.

The Toll Plaza Challenge

Toll plazas have long been a point of contention for travelers. While they serve as revenue sources for infrastructure development and maintenance, frequent toll collection can lead to congestion, delays, and inconvenience. The announcement by Nitin Gadkari aims to address these issues head-on.

The 60-Kilometer Rule

  1. Implementation Timeline:
    • Nitin Gadkari has committed to implementing this change within 3 months.
    • The goal is to streamline travel and reduce the burden on commuters.
  2. Single-Toll Plaza:
    • The new policy ensures that there will be only one toll plaza within 60 km.
    • If a second toll plaza exists within this radius, it will be shut down.

Benefits for Commuters

  1. Reduced Travel Costs:
    • With fewer toll plazas, travelers will spend less on toll fees during their journeys.
  2. Enhanced Flow of Traffic:
    • The removal of excess toll plazas will lead to smoother traffic flow.
    • Congestion and waiting times will decrease significantly.
  3. Local Passes with Aadhaar Cards:
    • Locals residing near toll plazas will have the option to obtain passes using their Aadhaar cards.
    • This move ensures that nearby communities are not unduly burdened.

Infrastructure Development

  1. Zojila Tunnel Project:
    • Nitin Gadkari highlighted the ongoing Zojila tunnel project in Jammu and Kashmir.
    • Approximately 1,000 people are currently working on this critical infrastructure development.
  2. Delhi-Amritsar-Katra Highway:
    • Work has commenced on the Delhi-Amritsar-Katra highway.
    • By the end of this year, travelers will be able to reach Mumbai from Srinagar in 20 hours and cover the distance between Delhi and Amritsar in four hours.


rajkotupdates The closure of toll plazas within 60 km of national highways marks a significant step towards improving road travel accessibility and efficiency. As India continues to invest in infrastructure, these changes promise a smoother journey for all.


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